General Information

Government Type Republic / Presidential System
President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev
Prime Minister Alihan İsmailov
Minister of Foreign Affairs Murat Nurtileu
Capital Astana
Area 2.724.900 km²
Population 18,633,479

Main Economic Indicators

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Export – Import

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National Export and Investment Agency KAZNEX INVEST
The Foreign Investors’ Council (FIC)
Kazakhstan Investment Agency – KAZINVEST (Russian)

How to do business in Kazakhstan

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Culture and Tourism

Official tourism website of Kazakhstan

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National - Religious Days

New year 1- 2 January
Women`s Day 8 March
Novruz 21 - 23 March
Unity Day 1 May
Victory Day 9 May
Astana Day 6 July
Constitution Day 30 August
Republic Day 25 October
Independence Day 16 December