In accordance with adopted operational principles, the OTS aims to transfer existing bilateral cooperation in various areas between the Member States into multilateral cooperation. In this regard, existing or potential cooperation barriers are identified at first; the necessary steps on the elimination of these obstacles and the development of cooperation in new areas are taken afterwards. In this connection, working groups comprising experts from Member States in all cooperation areas of the Organization are formed. Decisions made by these groups are reflected in a separate document and are followed carefully. The whole work is done single-handedly, and duplication is avoided.

The Organization enables multi-faceted cooperation among its Member and Observer States in more than 20 different areas, ranging from economy to transport and customs, energy to agriculture, from education to youth and sports, digitalization to justice and security as well as from culture to tourism and health. The OTS takes concrete steps for the welfare of its Members and Observers through various projects and initiatives, including Turkic Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Turkic Investment Fund, Trans-Caspian Transport Corridor, Sister Ports Process, Health Science Board as well as Modern Silk Road and Tabarruk Ziyarat Projects, Orkhun Process, Youth and Sports Projects.

(This section is currently being updated and latest information is being incorporated)