Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus became Observer Member of the Organization during the Samarkand Summit in November 2022.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia. It is situated between latitudes 30.33 and 35.41 and longitudes 32.23 and 34.55. Its neighbouring countries are Turkey, 70kms to the North; Syria, 102kms to the East; Lebanon, 165kms to the east, Israel, 233kms to the southeast; Egypt, 347kms to the south and GCA.



Geographical size

3248 km2


286,257 (2011)
390,745 (2021 estimate)

Gross domestic product (GDP)

30 billion 143 million TL (2021)

Official language(s)


Political system

Republic / Parliamentary System